Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

Being in the industry I quickly realized that people were so obsessed with making sales and targets that they never put the interest of the client or the projects at hand first.

This made me take a step into another direction.

I can now confidently say that my technique is never to do sales but rather partner with corporates and so allowing me to assist in the business transformation process hassle free and providing true transformation that can be seen.

From the trust in relationships I have built with my clients we now together see the seeds we planted and watered, grow and bloom.



Change is inevitable but transformation is a continuous choice.

Business Consulting

INTEGRIDAD offers a complete company assessment and GAP analysis to identify requirements set out by the Law and implement according to the Gazetted codes of good business practice.

Social Economic Development (SED)

The indicator measures all Qualifying Contributions, which are social development contributions to defined beneficiaries, as well as contributions to certain Approved Projects such as... [READ MORE]

Employment Equity (EE)

In order to earn points for the EE part of the BEE scorecard, business managers need to present a forward-thinking EE plan that will see the smooth transformation of their organisations over a specified period... [READ MORE]

Enterprise Development (ED)

When you do either Supplier or Enterprise Development there are certain rules and regulations that need to be followed, and for your business to score full points for Supplier and Enterprise Development, you will have to spend money on... [READ MORE]

Skills Development Levy Grants (SDL)

In order to claim from your skill development levies, you will need to contribute towards the Skills Development Levies (SDL), be registered with your SETA and submit your Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR) by... [READ MORE]

Annual Training Report & Workplace Skills Plan Submissions (ATR-WSP)

The company must facilitate the consultation process in the development of the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) and Annual Training Report (ATR), follow up on the payment of levies to SARS, and also submit WSP and ATR. You can claim for training that isn’t given by SETA-accredited companies... [READ MORE]


Accreditation with 17+ SETA's including Education, Media, Transport, Energy & Water, Agri(culture), Services, and the list continues to grow... [SEE FULL LIST]

Online Training / E-Learning

We have an e-learning platform from NQF Level 1 – 6, accredited with various SETA's. We are currently expanding our range and can offer the following credit-bearing courses on the platform (we develop as the need arises):  

o Business Practices NQF 1 (with voice overs)
o Wholesale & Retail Operations NQF 2 (with voice overs)
o Wholesale & Retail Distribution NQF 2 (with voice overs)
o Wholesale & Retail Operations: Stock Control in Wholesale & Retail NQF 3 (with voice overs)
o Business Administration NQF 2 (with voice overs)
o Business Administration NQF 3 (with voice overs)
o Wholesale & Retail Generic Management NQF 4 (with voice overs)
o Generic Management: General Management NQF 5
o Business Advising Operations NQF 6 

Our Process

To open the vision of what is possible, and not the eye that might be blind to opportunities.

01 B-BBEE Gap Analysis
02 Strategic Planning
03 Training and Implementation
04 Reviews and Body of Evidence


B-BBEE Gap Analysis

 We assist corporates in identifying the areas of improvement in order to achieve desired B-BBEE level.

After the correct info is provided this can take up to 7 working days dependent on the number of suppliers on the procurement list.

Strategic Planning

With careful strategic planning, transformation can be dove-tailed into your existing business objectives, making them fundamentally more achievable.

Our strategies consider multiple goals, including increasing profitability, empowering and enabling existing employees, and improving productivity by boosting morale.


All of our training is provided by professional, accredited educators. Trainees are assessed in order to measure and ensure understanding and capability.

Access to classroom video monitoring provides proof of attendance beyond a simple attendance register. 

Reviews and Body of Evidence

We can provide Observic to identify, develop and share what works best in training and for your organisation.

Observic reviews and reports documentary evidence that facilitates performance management. Observation data can be scored, aggregated and filtered to inform personal and organisational development, as well as future strategic planning. Send an email request for more information.

Feedback from my Clients

Powerful Testimonials

Lorimer Gowar

Director - Larrem PTY Ltd

"I'd like to acknowledge you for your professional dealings in helping my company attain its BBBEE accreditation. You went far and beyond the norm and even assisted acquire my Tax Clearance certification.

We are now looking at your suggestions of staff training and enjoy your recommendations regarding these.

Your professionalism when it comes to company consultancy has refocused my attentions for advancing the profitability of the company.

Your assistance was outstanding and is so refreshing that a new ‘breath’ surpasses any established company services I have used in the past. I will definitely be using Integridad from now on for all my requirements regarding any government requirements and legislations which dovetails my ISO accreditation.

Thank you once again for your professional services and recognize that you will move from strength to strength in the industry.” 


Sethlare (Pty) Ltd

"I hereby want to say thank you for the assistance and the good service from you.

We need the following very fast: BBBEE Accreditation and Tax clearance Certificate. We need these documents so that we can supply to the Government and State-Owned departments. And I cannot say how impressed I was when you informed me it is all done and here is my documents.

The support you have given us and the training is amazing. We can for sure say we do understand BBBEE so much more.

It was a honour to work with you and I will recommend your service to anybody."

Contact Me

Elna Gleeson

Managing Director

Gauteng Office

13 Lark Street, Wierda Glen Estate , Centurion

Tel: +2760 952 1113
Email: elna@integridad.co.za